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Cameron & Sons
Lightning Rod Installation

About Us



Cameron & Sons provides free estimates and inspections, complete installations and repairs on houses, barns, trees, churches, etc.

Cameron & Sons Lightning Rods is a family owned business that was started in 1945 by Alexander Cameron at the end of World War II when the local Creamery that he operated closed. Alex and his wife Agnes had a large family of 6 boys and 5 girls. Many of the old churches, homes and barns that you see while driving around Nova Scotia that have lightning rods attached to their roofs were installed by Alexander Cameron. Over the years Alex's sons assisted him with the installation and repair work, but it was Owen that took on the business after his father's death in 1954. Alexander was tragically killed in a train accident on the way to a lightning rod repair job. Since that time Owen and his sons have been climbing churches, houses, barns, silos, airport towers, and highrises installing lightning protection equipment. Owen is now in his 80's but is still active in the business, taking calls, doing estimates, climbing (yes climbing... even though we strongly discourage him), and remaining active in the installation.

Most of our work involves installation on homes, farms and churches but we are ready to take on all jobs, large or small. All of our work is guaranteed and is subject to inspection by the fire marshal. We have a long history in this business and we are now seeing a new generation beginning to follow in the footsteps of Alexander. We thank all our past customers and welcome new customers with full knowledge that we will be around in the years to come providing service and lightning protection for all Maritimers.